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South of France Plant Hunting

Published: 31st May 2019

I attended a garden masterclass in the South of France at the end of May, which included a day's trekking to see plants in the wild, just north of Marseille and a visit to Oliver Filippi nursery near to Montpellier. An amazing few days, learning so much about planting for draught conditions, for which the nursery specialise. Oliver and his wife were most generous in sharing their garden and home, and providing a delicious pile of cooked moules.

img_4046-1.jpg  img_4065.jpg

img_4015.jpg  img_4019.jpg

img_4023.jpg  img_4028.jpg

img_4028-1.jpg  img_4049.jpg

img_4060.jpg  img_4055.jpg

img_4066.jpg  img_4076.jpg

img_4081.jpg  img_4077.jpg

img_4096.jpg  img_4094.jpg

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