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RHS Tatton Silver Gilt 2015

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The inspiration for this ambitious galvanized-steel 'Maggie Water Garden' was taken from the Art Deco period with its use of geometry, line forms and the human need for pleasure and escape. This design also considered the needs of a Maggie's Cancer Care Trust Centre: providing a garden to meet the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the Centre’s users, caregivers, families and friends. 

The decorative screening gives protection and height, providing a backdrop to the garden. Differing levels are highlighted in large storage troughs and rain catcher funnels and the movement of water within these provides contrast to the stillness and reflection of the large pools. The metal pergolas and seating link the galvanized-steel containers, troughs and screen whilst the paving provides an additional solid structure, in keeping with the colour and tones of the design.  

The garden is planted to promote wellbeing; white, green and silver hues create an atmosphere of peace, serenity and reflection; the living green wall gives strength and structure to the boundaries whilst herbaceous perennials and marginal and aquatic plants create a harmonious environment. 

Our sponsor, homes4U, was celebrating their 25thanniversary and their MD, Carolyn, was very involved with the project. Maggie’s is homes4U’s partner charity and Carolyn was keen to raise further awareness of the new centre to be built at Christie’s Hospital.

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