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The design process is taken in several steps and you can choose how much and to what level you require, with each level being tailored to your budget and needs.


The process is started by an enquiry, contacting Amanda either by telephone or email, from which an initial meeting will be arranged.

Initial meeting

This first meeting provides the opportunity to get to know each other, see the garden and get a general feel for the project. A brief will be discussed which will determine what you want from the garden design, both in function and style as well as your proposed budget.

Detailed brief

On instruction to proceed, a detailed brief will be prepared, based on the discussions at the initial meeting and outlining costs, terms and conditions. This will form the contract for the next stage of the design process.

Site survey and analysis

Once the detailed brief and quotation has been accepted, a site survey and analysis will be undertaken, mapping existing features and levels. If the garden is complex and large, it may be necessary to use a professional surveyor to assist in this task.


This is the central part of the process and the most exciting, where your requests and ideas are developed into a design suitable for your garden area. Scaled design drawings will be created, ready for presentation with additional mood boards and material samples.

Contracting a landscaper

Once the design has been approved and you are in agreement with the costs to proceed to the next level, technical drawings and specifications can be drawn up and tender documents sent out to landscapers on your behalf.

Project inspection

Amanda can continue to be involved with the project if required, liaising with the landscaper on your behalf, arranging site visits, and checking on the progress, quality of materials and workmanship.

Planting plans

Planting plans and a planting schedule can also be prepared at an additional cost. These will detail the plant positions and their botanical names, as well as the size and quantity of plants to be used. These plants can then be purchased and planted once the landscaping is complete.

Aftercare & maintenance

A garden takes time to mature and it is always good to inspect the site regularly over the first few years, assisting in any maintenance, pruning and weed control if required.